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Re: [PATCH] Fix bo_CN and bo_IN locales

On 05/13/2013 03:34 AM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
bo_CN and bo_IN have an empty name_fmt field, causing localedef to fail:

$ localedef -c -f UTF-8 -i bo_IN bo_IN.UTF-8
LC_NAME: field `name_fmt' must not be empty

While I don't know what are the correct values for this locale, I think
this should be fixed, to not break localedef and the tools using it. I
therefore suggest to change the value to "???" as it is already done for
the az_AZ and tt_RU locales.

Yes, this looks like the best approach. I wanted to suggest contacting the authors but there're none given in the file, so go ahead,


diff --git a/localedata/ChangeLog b/localedata/ChangeLog
index c993960..2f354e8 100644
--- a/localedata/ChangeLog
+++ b/localedata/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2013-05-12  Aurelien Jarno  <>
+	* locales/bo_CN (LC_NAME): set name_fmt to "???".
+	* locales/bo_IN (LC_NAME): Likewise.
  2013-04-27  Nik Kalach  <>

  	[BZ #15221]
diff --git a/localedata/locales/bo_CN b/localedata/locales/bo_CN
index aa8ff07..e568280 100644
--- a/localedata/locales/bo_CN
+++ b/localedata/locales/bo_CN
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ END LC_MEASUREMENT

-name_fmt  ""
+name_fmt  "???"
  % name_gen	"FIXME"
  % name_miss	"FIXME"
  % name_mr	"FIXME"
diff --git a/localedata/locales/bo_IN b/localedata/locales/bo_IN
index 9e9c4ff..16e8dd3 100644
--- a/localedata/locales/bo_IN
+++ b/localedata/locales/bo_IN
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ END LC_MEASUREMENT

-name_fmt	""
+name_fmt	"???"
  % name_gen	"FIXME"
  % name_miss	"FIXME"
  % name_mr	"FIXME"

 Andreas Jaeger aj@{,} Twitter/Identica: jaegerandi
  SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
   GF: Jeff Hawn,Jennifer Guild,Felix Imendörffer,HRB16746 (AG Nürnberg)
    GPG fingerprint = 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F  FED1 389A 563C C272 A126

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