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Re: How do we run a glibc logo contest?

On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 2:47 PM, Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
> Community,
> In December we talked about a glibc logo:
> It's been suggested that we run a contest to choose the logo.
> This sounds like a great idea.
> Any suggestions on how we we run a contest? :-)

1) Pick a spot (wiki) where options get posted.  Define a closing
period for accepting candidates.

1a) A few criteria need to be developed.  A graphics pro can help with
that, you want a logo that can fit on a business card or a billboard,
be stitched on a ball-cap, looks good in black and white or color,
etc., etc.  Having paid pros to develop corporate logos, there are
definitely rules, it is an art-form in it's own right.

2) Determine a method for granting voting rights (e.g. compile a list
of e-mail addresses to get ballots).

2a) One suggestion would be to scrape the commits and libc-alpha
posting for the past year or two, make the announcement on list,
anyone who has been lurking can be qualified by posting a message to
the list (within a defined period).  Voting list should be posted
somewhere so people can make sure they get ballots.

2) When entries are closed, run a Selectricity election using a Condorcet model.

Rank order the candidates in order of preference, a "consensus winner"
will be selected.

Condorcet voting is widely recognized as a mathematically valid method
of selection among multiple options (Sugar Labs uses it for electing
our Oversight Board):

Or you can try to rope in a jury of "experts' (graphics designers,
etc.) and accept their recommendation.

Just my two cents, I honestly do not care what color the bikeshed gets
painted. . .


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