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Re: [PATCH] Add ARM relocation constants to elf/elf.h

Roland McGrath <> writes:

> We strongly prefer to have a short comment on every reloc type #define.

I don't think I have enough expertise to concisely explain what every
relocation does.  I can at least put in e.g. what instructions each
static relocation applies to, and add snippets from the standard where
available.  Joseph, what is your preference?  FWIW, few relocation
values in ARM block have any comments at all.

> The R_ARM_PRIVATE_* ones look a bit suspect to me.  That spec document does
> describe that space of names, though it doesn't list them individually.
> But I really wonder if anybody actually wants or uses those names.
> binutils doesn't use them.

Right, makes no sense to export the names.  The numbers are guaranteed
not to be allocated, but hardly anyone will call them this.

> But those are just my immediate reactions.  The specifics of what should or
> shouldn't go in are up to Joseph as the ARM maintainer.

Whom I have now added to the loop.


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