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Re: Redefinition of struct in6_addr in <netinet/in.h> and <linux/in6.h>

On Thursday 17 January 2013 23:55:24 David Miller wrote:
> From: Mike Frysinger <>
> > the kernel already exports many types with a __kernel_ prefix.  i changed
> > the kernel headers in Gentoo for a few releases (2.6.28 - 2.6.34) to do
> > the same thing to pretty much all the networking headers.  a few
> > packages broke, but the number was low, and trivial to fix (a sed would
> > do it most of the time).
> > 
> > it's also trivial for userland packages to detect that they need to do
> > this sort of thing in a local header by using linux/version.h and a set
> > of defines to redirect the new structure name back to the old one.
> > 
> > would be a lot cleaner to just break it and be done.
> We are not at liberty to break something that has legitimately
> compiled successfully for two decades.

i doubt there are code bases that have compiled successfully for that long 
w/out being changed.  in fact, the kernel user headers (until recently) have 
been a volatile mess requiring constant care & feeding of user programs to 
keep compiling.  if anything, this would simply be maintaining the status quo 
for a bit longer.

> One thing you certainly don't have to be is happy about this header
> file situation, but you cannot use that dissatisfaction as
> justification to make the situation worse by breaking the build for
> people outside of the world you directly control.

i think you're making wrong assumptions about my position on the topic.  i 
never said i was against cleaning up the kernel user headers (and in fact, you 
can find many commits from me doing exactly that over the years in the kernel).

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