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Re: [PATCH][BZ #15022] Correct global-scope dlopen issues in staticexecutables

On Wed, 16 Jan 2013, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> Could you file a bug (or two bugs) for these issues in glibc Bugzilla 
> (component dynamic-link), if there isn't already one there?  We like to 
> have a bug in Bugzilla for any patch submission that fixes a user-visible 
> bug that was present in a glibc release, so that the issue remains visible 
> if the patch takes a while to review and so that people can search 
> resolved bugs in Bugzilla to see if a bug they have found in a past 
> release is known and fixed.  See item 1 at 
> <>.  (The fixed 
> bugs are then listed using [BZ #N] notation in the ChangeLog entries for 
> the patch that fixes them, and added to the list of fixed bugs in NEWS 
> when committing the patch.)

 Thanks for the pointer, these are really two different user-visible 
symptoms of a single bug, and now BZ #15022.

 Also the ports pieces are really inherent parts of the fix (they are 
required by the fix proper, for the respective ports, and make no sense 
without) and therefore hopefully can be applied as a single GIT commit 
(contrary to what the wiki page referred suggests) so that there's no tree 
version that's been fixed halfway through only (and cause new test suite 
failures on IA-64 and MIPS).


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