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Re: [PATCH] Correct global-scope dlopen issues in static executables

On Wed, 16 Jan 2013, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

>  We have two issues with dlopen issued from static executables when the 
> global scope is accessed.
>  First, an attempt to add a dynamic shared module to the global scope 
> (i.e. with RTLD_GLOBAL requested) crashes like this:
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> add_to_global (new=0x49ef60) at dl-open.c:101
> 101           ns->_ns_global_scope_alloc
> This is because at this point in static executables no global search list 
> data structure has been initialised and as result the _ns_main_searchlist 
> member of _dl_ns[LM_ID_BASE] (the initial namespace) is null.
>  Second, an attempt to access the global scope itself (i.e. by using a 
> null file name pointer) fails with an obscure error like:

Could you file a bug (or two bugs) for these issues in glibc Bugzilla 
(component dynamic-link), if there isn't already one there?  We like to 
have a bug in Bugzilla for any patch submission that fixes a user-visible 
bug that was present in a glibc release, so that the issue remains visible 
if the patch takes a while to review and so that people can search 
resolved bugs in Bugzilla to see if a bug they have found in a past 
release is known and fixed.  See item 1 at 
<>.  (The fixed 
bugs are then listed using [BZ #N] notation in the ChangeLog entries for 
the patch that fixes them, and added to the list of fixed bugs in NEWS 
when committing the patch.)

I hope someone more familiar with the details of the dynamic linker will 
review the substance of this patch.

Joseph S. Myers

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