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Re: [PATCH] Memory fencing problem in pthread cancellation

On 01/15/2013 04:33 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:

the ia64 part looks (and runs) fine.

-  if (__builtin_expect (libgcc_s_personality == NULL, 0))
+  if (__builtin_expect (libgcc_s_handle == NULL, 0))

while you're here, might i suggest also doing: if (__glibc_unlikely (libgcc_s_handle == NULL))
Not a bad idea. I've always hated the __builtin_expect syntax as it makes it too easy to mis-read the code.

perhaps we should even go further and make this an inline func in nptl/sysdeps/pthread/unwind-forcedunwind.c ? static __always_inline void _maybe_pthread_cancel_init (void) { if (__glibc_unlikely (libgcc_s_handle == NULL)) pthread_cancel_init (); else atomic_read_barrier (); }

that way it's harder for arches to screw up because they just call:
	_maybe_pthread_cancel_init ();
and all the magic logic stays in the common unwind file
Seems like a good ideas as well. It'll have to be duplicated for arm since arm provides a full replacement rather than #including the generic unwind-forcedunwind.c.


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