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Re: <netinet/tcp.h> sync with Linux?

From: Roland McGrath <>
Date: Wed,  9 Jan 2013 17:16:45 -0800 (PST)

> POSIX.1-2008 specifies netinet/tcp.h and says that it can define any TCP_*
> symbol but no others.  It wasn't completely obvious from the diff alone
> that the other symbols (tcp_* types) you added were inside __USE_MISC.

All the non TCP_* defines are inside of __USE_MISC.

> I'm all for whitespace canonicalization to tabs,

That's not what that was, it's lining all of them up.  It
looked atrocious otherwise.

I should have used -b or something similar, here are the defines
which are added and aren't whitespace changes:

+#define TCP_COOKIE_TRANSACTIONS	 15 /* TCP Cookie Transactions */
+#define TCP_THIN_LINEAR_TIMEOUTS 16 /* Use linear timeouts for thin streams*/
+#define TCP_THIN_DUPACK		 17 /* Fast retrans. after 1 dupack */
+#define TCP_USER_TIMEOUT	 18 /* How long for loss retry before timeout */
+#define TCP_REPAIR		 19 /* TCP sock is under repair right now */
+#define TCP_REPAIR_QUEUE	 20 /* Set TCP queue to repair */
+#define TCP_QUEUE_SEQ		 21 /* Set sequence number of repaired queue. */
+#define TCP_REPAIR_OPTIONS	 22 /* Repair TCP connection options */
+#define TCP_FASTOPEN		 23 /* Enable FastOpen on listeners */

> The new enum values and types really need some comments.

I'll add some comments before I commit, thanks Roland.

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