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Re: PING^2: [PATCH] Correct _{POSIX_V7|_POSIX_V6|XBS5}_ILP32_OFFBIGfor x32

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 5:07 PM, Roland McGrath <> wrote:
> I am no less dubious about this than I was several months ago.
> I don't think POSIX ever contemplated the situation we now have, wherein
> there are two disjoint compilation environments that qualify as ILP32_OFFBIG.
> I'm not convinced there is ever going to be one right answer here.
> On a system installation that supports -mx32 but does not have a
> full environment for -m32, then -mx32 is the right answer.
> On a system installation that fully supports both -m32 and -mx32
> builds, there are different ways to conclude which is preferable.
> It seems entirely reasonable to me that for a system Foo version 17
> for x86-64 that supports only -m64 and -m32, the system builder
> might come out with system Foo version 18 for x86-64 where not only
> is -mx32 available, but most or all of the user utilities are built
> with -mx32.  If someone was using getconf _POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG on
> version 17, they got -m32 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 and built binaries
> compatible with system Foo version 17 for i686.  Now they upgrade to
> system Foo version 18 for x86-64, and they might reasonably expect
> that they can continue to use getconf _POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG to
> build binaries compatible with system Foo version 18 for i686.
> It should be up to the system builder to decide whether getconf
> directs users to use -m32 or -mx32.
> So I tend to think this should be controlled by a configure option,
> and the default should not be changed by building libc as x32.

We build posix/getconf and install it as POSIX_XXXX under
/usr/libexec/getconf.   /usr/bin/getconf POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG
will exec POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG under /usr/libexec/getconf.
It is wrong for x32 /usr/libexec/getconf/POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG
to report -m32.  We should always build x32 POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG
to report -mx32 and build ia32 POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG to report
-m32.  It shouldn't be a glibc configure option.  It is up to system
integrator to decide which POSIX_V7_ILP32_OFFBIG to put under


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