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Re: dlmopen and core dumps

On Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:20:34 +0100, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> At present there appear to be three solutions:
> (1) Investigate r_debug solution, it's incremental, and ugly, but we
> know it works.
> (2) Investigate a python based solution, usable by gdb or other
> tools via a python interpreter.
> (3) Investigate a DWARF based declarative solution.

Posting only for the record as it seems now GDB is not going to implement this
discussed dlmopen interface as there are no users of dlmopen.

There is also:

(4) Provide new ELF symbols of such as "_r_debug_version2" describing
    some new extensions.  Possibly to provide ELF symbols with offsets etc.
    There already exist such symbols like "_thread_db_*" but those are private
    for libthread_db which is problematic to use.  "_r_debug_version2" could
    be an official ABI to be directly accessed by debuggers.

    But this has a problem it no longer works after stripping which
    happens for some users.  Maybe to put such symbols to .dynsym?
    The same stripping problem already affects libthread_db:

    I understand it is not nice but it is Very simple compared to (2) or (3).


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