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Re: [PATCH] Consolidate and inline calls to __acr

On Mon, 2012-12-31 at 21:43 +0530, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 04:00:50PM +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> > Regarding other targets, one thing I haven't seen mentioned in these 
> > recent mpa.c patches is sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc32/power4/fpu/mpa.c and 
> > sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc64/power4/fpu/mpa.c.  I'm not sure why those files 
> > exist and how they were originally different from the 
> > architecture-independent versions, but do they need any updates to stay in 
> > sync with the recent changes?  Has the attention of the powerpc 
> > maintainers been drawn to this patch series?
> > 
> Actually I haven't; I didn't notice that the mpa.c in power* were
> copies and not just macro definitions like the x86_64 ones.  How about
> if I try to get rid of those files and then continue with the changes?
> If that's not possible, I'll at least try to macro'ize them like the
> x86_64 files.
I would disagree (as the original author of the powerpc specific

The source level loop unrolling in sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc[32|
64]/power4/fpu/mpa.c when combined with Makefile CFLAGS-mpa.c is similar
in kind to the ./x86_64/fpu/multiarch/[mpa-avx.c|mpa-fma4.c]

As such arbitrarily removing the powerpc implementation is not
appropriate. And just fixing the compile time error without
understanding the performance implications it not appropriate either.

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