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Re: compiler standards (and/or min gcc version) supported with installedheaders ?

On 01/02/2013 10:04 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jan 2013, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
>> The baseline is needed for adding new code so that we all agree what might
>> need special handling and what not.
> Well - there are plenty of cases that don't have fallbacks for older or 
> non-GCC compilers, even when they would be easy.  E.g. complex.h only 
> defines the C11 CMPLX macros for GCC >= 4.7, though for older GCC you 
> could do an approximation (not usable in static initializers) with a 
> temporary variable and __real__ and __imag__ assignments.  Or uchar.h not 
> defining char16_t and char32_t for GCC versions before 4.4 (when the 
> built-in __CHAR16_TYPE__ and __CHAR32_TYPE__ macros were added), or for 
> non-GCC, although the types are required by C11 to be the same as 
> uint_least16_t and uint_least32_t, so in fact glibc always has the 
> information to define them correctly.

Agreement does not automatically fix all of our problems, but it
does guide us in determining what is or is not a valid bug report.

I say we agree that 2.95.3 is the oldest compiler we will support
for compiling userspace applications using glibc headers.

Once we agree to this it would be valid to submit conformance
bugs for some of the above issues.


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