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Re: Support cross-testing (version 3)

> Done, though it seems odd for glibc to use different indentation for shell 
> scripts from the default used by emacs.

It is indeed odd that sh-mode defaults to something other than GNU style.
GNU style for shell scripts, and many scripts in the libc code base, long
predate the introduction of sh-mode.

> The point is to ensure that the unsetting of PATH in blacklist_exports 
> doesn't affect finding sed.

OK.  Of course, this could also be done without sed.

> > > +# Transform the current argument list into a properly quoted Bourne shell
> > > +# command string.
> > > +command="$(for word in "$@"; do
> > > +               printf '%s' "$word" | bourne_quote
> > > +               printf '%s' ' '
> > 
> > Use echo -n.
> No, echo -n simply wouldn't work here, because the string "-e" is used as 
> an argument to a test program (globtest), and "echo -n -e" prints nothing.

I was looking at the second use.

This looks OK enough now.  The install.texi addition is adequate for
mentioning this script.  But (unless I missed it go by, in which case I
apologize) we could still use an addition there talking about the
test-wrapper and test-wrapper-env variables in general.


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