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Re: [PATCH, take 3] Add static probes to runtime linker

Hi all,

Gary Benson wrote:
> This patch adds a number of static probes to the runtime linker,
> allowing debuggers to more finely control where they stop and
> passing more information so as to allow incremental loading of the
> list of loaded libraries, and also to allow debugging of programs
> that use dlmopen.

I've updated the GDB side of this patch series [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].
With the latest patches GDB can now debug programs that use dlmopen.
I have also done some simple speed tests of the incremental library
list loading, starting GDB on a little program that dlopens a load
of libraries:

  no of solibs         100     250     500     1000    2000    5000
  standard interface     1       3       9       35     141     942
  probes interface       0       0       1        4      14      89
  (times in seconds)

As you can see, GDB is roughly ten times faster when using the new

Roland, do you think this patch is able to be committed, or did you
want to wait for further comment?  And, is there anything else you
need from me?




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