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Re: [PATCH] Use the same set of header files for x86-64 and i386

On Wed, 30 May 2012, H.J. Lu wrote:

> > What I want to see for such a patch is not so much the source code diff as
> > a before-and-after diff of the installed headers for i386. ?That's what
> > needs reviewing - whether there are any semantic changes to the headers
> > installed for 32-bit glibc. ?And I think this will need splitting up into
> > smaller pieces that are easier to review (each one with its own
> > before-and-after diff of installed headers).
> >
> I can do that if it will be reviewed quickly.

In general smaller patches with all the required information are more 
likely to be reviewed quickly.

I suggest:

* Any case where the header is being changed at all - where the x86_64 
header isn't completely ready for i386 use with no semantic changes to 
what's seen on i386 (or, as the case may be, the i386 header is the one 
that should be used but it needs changes to allow for x86_64 - as for 
bits/wchar.h, sys/vm86.h, sys/elf.h) - should have the changes posted 
separately on their own, before the move to the new directory.

* Changes that move headers should be posted either one header at a time 
or a small group of related headers at a time.  (You might for example 
post all signal-related headers at once.)

Joseph S. Myers

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