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Re: RFC: manual/contrib.texi

On 05/17/2012 11:56 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
The overall structure looks great to me.  That has various typos, including
one that will break Texinfo formatting.  Those should be obvious to find,
so I won't bother citing them.  Also, @var{ANYTHING} should be consistent
with the rest: @var{anything}.  I'll leave the rest for a day when I'm
feeling more like being pedantic about typesetting and phraseology.

I changed everything to @var{anything} now. I didn't find Texinfo formatting typos anymore but fixed some already in my latest version. My visual inspection of that newer version didn't find anything either - I check both info and pdf documents.

Some of the credits are for people who contributed ports that we've since
removed.  I certainly don't mind continuing to recognize them even though
we're no longer benefitting from their past contributions.  But I think the
mentions should say they are for obsolete code we're no longer distributing.

I'll make a change...

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