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Re: [PATCH 1/4 v3] [SH/SH4]: Add support fedisableexcept,feenableexcept, fegetexcept and feupdateenv

Thomas Schwinge <> wrote:
> math/test-fenv.out:
>     [...]
>     -61 errors occurred.
>     +6 errors occurred.
> Similarly, a lot of failures disappear from math/test-float.out:
>     [...]
>      Test suite completed:
>        3832 test cases plus 3388 tests for exception flags executed.
>     -  520 errors occurred.
>     +  420 errors occurred.
> In the following, [old] means that this was already present without Kaz'
> recent patch.  When I say new, this is a recent tree including both
> Nobuhiro's patches and Kaz' recent patch.

Thanks for the detailed results and considerations.

> There are now also new failures showing up -- having ,A;(Bexp10 (x) == x,A+(B
> surely must be a cheap operation -- but I have no idea off-hand how that
> could be due to Kaz' exception handling change?  (Perhaps there are
> exceptions involved in intermediate computations, and then things go
> wrong?)

I can't see this here.  Only two tests failed for exp10 in test-float.out
with/without my feraiseexcept change:

Failure: exp10 (1e6) == inf plus overflow exception: Exception "Overflow" not set
Failure: Test: exp10 (0.75) == 5.62341325190349080394951039776481231
 is:          5.62341356277465820312e+00   0x1.67e60200000000000000p+2
 should be:   5.62341308593750000000e+00   0x1.67e60000000000000000p+2
 difference:  4.76837158203125000000e-07   0x1.00000000000000000000p-21
 ulp       :  1.0000
 max.ulp   :  0.0000

Maybe something wired happened on my environment. Hmm...


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