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Re: PATCH: Free cache in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 09:28:27AM -0700, H.J. Lu wrote:
> Hi,
> "make xcheck" reports:
> [hjl@gnu-6 build-x86_64-linux]$ cat posix/bug-ga2-mem 
> Memory not freed:
> -----------------
>            Address     Size     Caller
> 0x00005555557791e0     0x78  at 0x7ffff7d5d989
> [hjl@gnu-6 build-x86_64-linux]$ 
> We didn't free cache in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c.  This patch
> fixes it.  OK to install?
> Thanks.

Thanks to Ulrich's pointer.  Here is the proper fix. Tested on
Linux/x86-64. OK to install?


2012-05-13  H.J. Lu  <>

	[BZ #14104]
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c (cache): Use

diff --git a/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c b/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c
index 7d83906..793d27d 100644
--- a/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c
+++ b/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/check_pf.c
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ static struct cached_data noai6ai_cached =
     .in6ailen = 0
-static struct cached_data *cache;
+libc_freeres_ptr (static struct cached_data *cache);
 __libc_lock_define_initialized (static, lock);

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