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ABI test baseline status

Looking at the status of check-abi baseline data, since check-abi was 
enabled by default and the data moved into sysdeps, some architectures 
either have no data or have not had it updated since the move.  It might 
of course be the case that the data was accurate with no changes, but 
experience with other architectures suggests this in unlikely.  Though 
checking the data is something architecture maintainers should do after 
the release freeze, that's to detect any ABI breakage over the course of 
the release cycle; setting up the baselines (cross-checked with old 
releases where possible) shouldn't wait for the freeze.

* sh data hasn't been updated and probably needs to be.

* s390 data (both s390-32 and s390-64) hasn't been updated and probably 
needs to be.

* When the x32 port is complete, that will need ABI baseline data.

* Likewise, when Hurd support is properly functional a Hurd ABI baseline 
will be needed.

In ports:

* Ryan, will you be adding ABI baseline data for powerpc-nofpu or shall I 
do so?

* alpha needs data added.

* hppa needs data added.

* tile needs data added (probably three baselines - tilepro, tilegx32, 
tilegx64).  In addition, other changes to tile and linux-generic are 
needed to bring them up to date with libc changes since those ports were 
added.  (If you are maintaining a port, you really need to follow 
glibc-cvs, watch out for libc changes relevant to the port and try to get 
it updated within days unless you're away at the time.  We should also try 
to make clear in patch postings if they are relevant to ports, but 
following glibc-cvs is a good idea as well.)  Specifically, the 
linux-generic bits/typesizes.h (and the alpha one) doesn't seem to have 
been updated for

2012-04-10  H.J. Lu  <>

        * bits/typesizes.h (__SNSECONDS_T_TYPE): New macro.
        * sysdeps/unix/bsd/bsd4.4/freebsd/bits/typesizes.h
        (__SNSECONDS_T_TYPE): Likewise.
        * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/bits/typesizes.h
        (__SNSECONDS_T_TYPE): Likewise.
        * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/sparc/bits/typesizes.h
        (__SNSECONDS_T_TYPE): Likewise.

There is still a sysdeps/tile/elf directory although the use of elf/ 
directories was eliminated on 2012-03-27.  tile needs crti.S and crtn.S - 
the old initfini system was removed 2012-02-21.  tile's bits/siginfo.h 
needs updating for the namespace changes on 2012-02-26/2012-02-27 (not 
using the "struct siginfo" name, defining / using pthread_attr_t 
appropriately) - as, it seems, does ia64; likewise tile's pthreadtypes.h.  
(And noticed in the course of seeing just how out of date tile had become 
in a few months: ia64 has a stray __ELF__ conditional in 
sysdeps/ia64/fpu/libm-symbols.h.  alpha and hppa need rather more 
substantial checks of their sysdeps files to get them properly back in 

Joseph S. Myers

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