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PATCH: Don't handle R_X86_64_RELATIVE64 in


R_X86_64_RELATIVE64 will never be used in  This patch handles
R_X86_64_RELATIVE64 only if RTLD_BOOTSTRAP isn't defined.  Tested on
Linux/x32 and Linux/x86-64.  OK to install?


	* sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h (elf_machine_rela_relative): Handle
	R_X86_64_RELATIVE64 only if RTLD_BOOTSTRAP isn't defined.

diff --git a/sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h b/sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h
index 14df797..9c27ecf 100644
--- a/sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h
+++ b/sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h
@@ -487,11 +487,13 @@ elf_machine_rela_relative (ElfW(Addr) l_addr, const ElfW(Rela) *reloc,
 			   void *const reloc_addr_arg)
   ElfW(Addr) *const reloc_addr = reloc_addr_arg;
+#if !defined RTLD_BOOTSTRAP
   /* l_addr + r_addend may be > 0xffffffff and R_X86_64_RELATIVE64
      relocation updates the whole 64-bit entry.  */
   if (__builtin_expect (ELFW(R_TYPE) (reloc->r_info) == R_X86_64_RELATIVE64, 0))
     *(Elf64_Addr *) reloc_addr = (Elf64_Addr) l_addr + reloc->r_addend;
       assert (ELFW(R_TYPE) (reloc->r_info) == R_X86_64_RELATIVE);
       *reloc_addr = l_addr + reloc->r_addend;

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