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Re: [PATCH] Do not delete make check-abi symlist files

> Now it's really short, thanks.
> Ok now?

Looks fine if you remove the commented-out lines and add a clearer comment.

> 2012-05-05  Andreas Jaeger  <>,
> 	Roland McGrath <>

Normally no comma for this case.  The second name should
be lined up under the first name, not just indented by a tab.
(In Emacs, just hitting TAB twice at bol dtrt.)

>          * Makerules (.PRECIOUS): Add .symlist files.
>          (generated): Add .symlist files.

For .PRECIOUS, say "Add %.symlist pattern to prevent intermediate file
deletion" or something like that.

> diff --git a/Makerules b/Makerules
> index de87ad6..ab734b4 100644
> --- a/Makerules
> +++ b/Makerules
> @@ -1158,6 +1158,12 @@ ifeq ($(versioning),yes)
>   vpath %.abilist $(+sysdep_dirs)
> +# Make sure that symlist is not removed.

I'd say:

# The .PRECIOUS rule prevents the files built by an implicit rule whose
# target pattern is %.symlist from being considered "intermediate files"
# and automatically removed.  We only want these files to be removed by
# 'make clean', which is handled by the 'generated' variable.


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