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GNU C Library development and maintainers

The GNU C Library is now being actively developed through cooperative
community development, with development practices and directions being
worked out through community discussion.  Everyone is welcome to join
in the development, working in accordance with community-agreed
practices and GNU policy, and commit access is routinely available for
people making good contributions.  (There is a particular need for
people to help with triage and fixing of both new and existing open
bugs.)  We hope to support the use of glibc on a wide range of
systems, build a wide user and development community and merge in
changes from various distributor versions of glibc.  Come and join in
the development!

Both new and old maintainers are guiding the community; everyone is
welcome to become involved in both development and discussions and
consensus-building around development practices, within the basic
principles of the GNU Project.

The following people have agreed to be responsible for glibc to the
GNU Project: Ryan Arnold, Maxim Kuvyrkov, Joseph Myers, Carlos
O'Donell, Alexandre Oliva.  (This does not confer any extra ability to
make decisions for the project; community consensus is what matters

Carlos O'Donell will be speaking further about glibc development at
the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit on Thursday 5 April

Joseph S. Myers

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