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glibc steering committee dissolving

Since 2001, glibc development has been overseen by the GNU C Library
Steering Committee.  With the recent reinvigoration of volunteer
efforts, the community of developers is now able to govern itself.
Therefore, the Steering Committee has decided unanimously to
dissolve.  The direction and policies of the project will now be
governed directly by the consensus of the people active in glibc
development.  While actual development and maintenance work is
shared among a large and ever-shifting set of people and everyone
contributing that work now continues as they always have, the direct
responsibilities of GNU Project maintainership for the C Library
will be taken on by a smaller team led by Joseph Myers, Carlos
O'Donell, and Roland McGrath.  Joseph, Carlos, and others will speak
more about the new situation in the coming days.

On a personal note, I would like to recall where we've been and
express my apprecation for everyone who has got us to where we are.
I started writing the GNU C Library in 1987, nearly 25 years ago.  A
great many people have contributed to developing and maintaining it
over the years.  I would especially like to thank those whose hard
work took the project from its early days to become the widely-used
library it is today, most notably Ulrich Drepper, H.J. Lu, and Jakub
Jelinek.  Nobody has done more than they to make glibc the essential
component of many free systems that it has become.  I'm also very
grateful to my fellow members of the Steering Committee for
contributing their wisdom to help keep the project going over the
last decade and more.  Finally, these happy new circumstances would
not be possible without those who have been dedicated to
strengthening the project more recently, particularly Joseph Myers,
Carlos O'Donell, and Ryan Arnold.  Everyone who helps on glibc today
and everyone who has contributed in the past has my greatest
appreciation and thanks.  I'm confident that we'll keep pulling
together to improve glibc and serve its users well for many more
years to come.


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