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Re: follow-up on tile architecture changes

> I went ahead and created a cmetcalf/tile_elf_h branch, following the
> instructions in  If that's
> structurally the kind of thing you were looking for, that would be good to
> know.

Yes, that's the right thing to do (assuming cmetcalf is your username on
sourceware).  Note that the git hooks disallow "non-fast-forward" pushes
even for private branches.  You can defeat that constraint by a removal and
	git push origin :cmetcalf/tile_elf_h
	git push origin cmetcalf/tile_elf_h

> But based on the recent exchange between you and Joseph Myers I suspect it
> may make as much sense for me to directly commit the Tile-specific changes
> to the core.  So I'll repost the series of changes; let me know if they are
> suitable for directly committing or whether you would like to commit them,
> and if so, whether I should create branches like the tile_elf_h branch for
> them.

It never hurts to publish a private branch.  Then someone like me or Joseph
who is ready to declare it kosher can just do a git merge (or tell you it's
OK to, knowing precisely what you'll be pushing to master).  I think it is
probably wise for someone like you who does not yet have a history of doing
direct commits to use the private branch method for a while first.  When
there is a track record of your private branches getting merged without
any fixups required, then we'll be more confident about telling you to
commit a change yourself after just seeing the patch.


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