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[PATCH] Don't always provide definition of gets

In libio/stdio.h we guard the declaration of gets in a way that
gets isn't available under _GNU_SOURCE and ISOC11 or under C++11,
but the definition of gets in bits/stdio2.h, used when we want
fortification, is always available.  This triggers quite a lot of
-Wmissing-prototypes-ish warnings.  Thusly fixed.

2012-01-12  Marek Polacek  <>

	* libio/bits/stdio2.h: Do not define gets for ISO C11, ISO C++11,

--- libc/libio/bits/	2012-01-11 19:42:58.292970262 +0100
+++ libc/libio/bits/stdio2.h	2012-01-11 19:59:41.776011728 +0100
@@ -217,6 +217,8 @@ __NTH (obstack_vprintf (struct obstack *
+#if !defined __USE_ISOC11 \
+    || (defined __cplusplus && __cplusplus <= 201103L && !defined __USE_GNU)
 extern char *__gets_chk (char *__str, size_t) __wur;
 extern char *__REDIRECT (__gets_warn, (char *__str), gets)
      __wur __warnattr ("please use fgets or getline instead, gets can't "
@@ -229,6 +231,7 @@ gets (char *__str)
     return __gets_chk (__str, __bos (__str));
   return __gets_warn (__str);
 extern char *__fgets_chk (char *__restrict __s, size_t __size, int __n,
 			  FILE *__restrict __stream) __wur;


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