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Re: Support bits/syscall.h build for triarch systems

On Mon, 19 Dec 2011, Roland McGrath wrote:

> It seems like it should be doable.  What I have in mind is something like a
> standard variable that lists the flavor names (32 and 64 for the common
> bi-arch case).  Then variables with names derived from that can contain the
> predefines needing -U treatment.  Another variable can list the headers

Rather than restricting it to predefines needing -U I'd rather it lists 
all the compiler options needed to select the relevant ABI (which might be 
some -D and -U options, or might be a compiler option to select the ABI 
directly).  The MIPS code uses -mabi= directly and generates a header with 
conditionals on the value of _MIPS_SIM; testing _MIPS_SIM rather than 
testing whether some macro is or is not defined is how the ABIs are 
distinguished there, and passing a -mabi= option is certainly simpler than 
trying to make the macros close enough to those predefined for a given 
ABI.  (For x86_64 you'll want to keep using macros to avoid problems with 
compilers predating x32 support, I expect; for MIPS that is not a 

(The additional complexity in the existing MIPS rule of handling pre-2.6 
headers for separate 32-bit and 64-bit kernel ports can definitely go 
away, so I see no reason in principle why common triarch support code 
shouldn't work for MIPS; only 2.6 headers are now of relevance; indeed I'd 
venture that Linux kernel headers from before 2.6.19 and "make 
headers_install" are no longer relevant to building glibc for any 
architecture, and that kernel versions before 2.6 are no longer relevant 
for using glibc at all.  Right now a default glibc build for most 
architectures will produce a library that allows at runtime for various 
syscalls added before 2.6 not being present - but won't actually work 
before 2.6 because NPTL requires 2.6.)

Joseph S. Myers

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