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glibc 2.7

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The current cvs head has been tagged as glibc-2_7, the official glibc
2.7 release.  It has been tested extensively as part of rawhide and as
part of the test releases for the upcoming Fedora 8 release.  There are
no known regressions so far.  On platforms other than x86 and x86-64
parts of the math test suite fail, but I reported this some time ago.  A
patch is still forthcoming from the interested parties.  This is no
regression, though, it's just a new test which still fails.

The user-visible changes in this release include:

* More checking functions: fread, fread_unlocked, open*, mq_open.
  Implemented by Jakub Jelinek and Ulrich Drepper.

* Extend fortification to C++.  Implemented by Jakub Jelinek.

* Implement 'm' modifier for scanf.  Add stricter C99/SUS compliance
  by not recognizing 'a' as a modifier when those specs are requested.
  Implemented by Jakub Jelinek.

* PPC optimizations to math and string functions.
  Implemented by Steven Munroe.

* New interfaces: mkostemp, mkostemp64.  Like mkstemp* but allow
  additional options to be passed.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* More CPU set manipulation functions.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* New Linux interfaces: signalfd, eventfd, eventfd_read, and
  eventfd_write.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* Handle private futexes in the NPTL implementation.
  Implemented by Jakub Jelinek and Ulrich Drepper.

* Add support for O_CLOEXEC.  Implement in Hurd.  Use throughout libc.
  Implemented by Roland McGrath and Ulrich Drepper.

* Linux/x86-64 vDSO support.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* SHA-256 and SHA-512 based password encryption.
  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* New locales: ber_DZ, ber_MA, en_NG, fil_PH, fur_IT, fy_DE, ha_NG,
  ig_NG, ik_CA, iu_CA, li_BE, li_NL, nds_DE, nds_NL, pap_AN, sc_IT,
  tk_TM, ug_CN, yo_NG.

+ New iconv modules: MAC-CENTRALEUROPE, ISO-8859-9E, KOI8-RU.
  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

The next release, version 2.8, will as now usual be in about 6 months.
The cvs trunk will right away be used for the 2.8 development.  The
branch for the 2.7 release is named glibc-2_7-branch.  Whether it will
actually be actively maintained depends on the time available.

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