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RDNSS support and integration of IPv6 DNS resolvers


I hope that this is the right place to start this discussion. The
recently published RFC5006 defines a new option for IPv6 neighbor
discovery: Recursive DNS Servers (RDNSS). This allows IPv6 routers to
advertise the IPv6 addresses of local DNS resolvers, in the context of
stateless autoconfiguration.

Support for RDNSS has just been added in the Linux kernel development
tree net-2.6. Since DNS does not really belong in the kernel, the idea
is to export RDNSS options to userland through the netlink interface,
for a daemon to handle them.

There have been several proposals about how things should be done,
especially regarding compatibility with existing DHCP clients. Do
you have any thoughts, ideas or plans about integration of this new
mechanism with the glibc resolver?

For reference, here are some relevant discussion threads in the netdev@

A sample RDNSS daemon that merely writes information to /etc/resolv.conf
is also available at


Pierre Ynard
For hire in Quebec City, Canada, during Fall 2007
"Une âme dans un corps, c'est comme un dessin sur une feuille de papier."

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