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glibc 2.5

I've tagged the CVS sources for glibc 2.5 and with this the next release
is done.  In the next days somebody will likely create tarballs and
upload them to the FSF's FTP server.  The main and ultimate source is
and will remain the CVS repository.

The user visible changes in this release as spelled out in the NEWS file:

* For Linux, the sorting of addresses returned by getaddrinfo now also
  handles rules 3, 4, and 7 from RFC 3484.  I.e., all rules are handled.
  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* Allow system admin to configure getaddrinfo with the /etc/gai.conf
  file.  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* New Linux interfaces: splice, tee, sync_file_range, vmsplice.

* New iconv module for MIK.  Contributed by Alexander Shopov.

* For sites with broken group and/or passwd database, the auto-propagate
  option of nscd can prevent creating ID lookup entries from the results
  of a name lookup and vice versa.   This usually is no problem but some
  site might have problems with the default behavior.
  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* Iterating over entire database in NIS can be slow.  With the
  SETENT_BATCH_READ option in /etc/default/nss a system admin can decide
  to trade time for memory.  The entire database will be read at once.
  Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.

* The interfaces introduced in RFC 3542 have been implemented by
  Ulrich Drepper.

* Support for the new ELF hash table format was added by Ulrich Drepper.

* Support for priority inheritance mutexes added by Jakub Jelinek and
  Ulrich Drepper.

* Support for priority protected mutexes added by Jakub Jelinek.

* New locales: nr_ZA, pa_PK, ca_AD, ca_FR, ca_IT, el_CY, tr_CY, as_IN,
  or_IN, csb_PL, fy_NL, sr_ME.

These are only the user-visible changes.  In addition we have of course
a whole bunch of bug fixes[1] and performance/size improvements.
Consult the ChangeLog for more details.

The trunk version will be prepared for glibc 2.6 in a week or two,
giving us time to see whether there are any urgent bug fixes for 2.5.  I
hope and think there aren't.  2.6 will be released in approximately 6
months, again coinciding with the next Fedora Core release.

One warning ahead of time: in the 2.6 development cycle I'll actively
remove all support for configuration not using USE_TLS.

Thanks to the usual suspects, mainly though the Jakub Jelinek.

[1] Including an almost clean run of Coverity's tool.  At this point the
only remaining report is about some potentially dead code.  And this
report might also not be true.

â Ulrich Drepper â Red Hat, Inc. â 444 Castro St â Mountain View, CA â

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