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Re: glibc-2.4 __stack_chk_guard/__pointer_chk_guard

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 19:31, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 09:56:56AM +1100, Hamish Greig wrote:
> > Thanks, I'll look into all those things.
> > Something is definitely not working on my system as libc.a only has
> > stack_chk_fail(_local), but gcc defines my glibc as having ssp.
> >
> > nm /usr/lib/libc.a | grep stack_chk
> >
> > stack_chk_fail.o:
> > 00000000 T __stack_chk_fail
> > stack_chk_fail_local.o:
> >          U __stack_chk_fail
> > 00000000 T __stack_chk_fail_local
> That's expected, as on several Linux arches SSP uses guard in thread
> local area rather than some variable.
> 	Jakub

Thanks Peter and Jakub, I have found the cause of my problem. It was a local 
one (anyone have a bet on that from the moment I asked for guidance?)

I was using distcc, with gcc, binutils and glibc version all matched, but 
turning off distcc allowed the build to complete. In hindsight it is probably 
because one of the machines hasn't been rebuilt against the glibc-2.4 and two 
have.  I will look into whether that is the case and report to distcc FAQ if 
Good night.

Hamish Greig

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