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GNU C Library version 2.4 release

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Version 2.4 of the GNU C Library is now available for download at:

Please see and for mirror sites around the world.

Version 2.4 is the first release after a long period of development, and
introduces changes to the API and a new ABI for all configurations.  The
NEWS file in the distribution lists major additions, and there are many
smaller changes along with innumerable bug fixes.  This code has been
tested and deployed in new production systems, but should still be
considered somewhat experimental.  The stable 2.3 release series
continues to be maintained, and implements a widely-deployed ABI.
Version 2.3.6 is available, and we will release 2.3.7 with more bug fixes.

Once you install version 2.4, most program binaries you compile will not
be able to run on older installations based on 2.3.6 or earlier versions.
Existing dynamically-linked program binaries built using older glibc
versions should continue to work if they make proper use of the library
interfaces as specified.

While the code in this release has received substantial testing and is
going into new production systems, we are already aware of a few issues
and have a backlog of problem reports awaiting investigation.  We believe
this release marks a point of decent stability and substantial improvement
over version 2.3, and its ABI will remain stable for later 2.4 releases.
We hope that making this release now will lead to more strenuous testing.
We anticipate a 2.4.1 release in the not too distant future to tie up
loose ends and fold in more fixes and improvements made after the initial
deployments of systems based on the 2.4 ABI.

Be advised that updating the C library is no trivial task and it is very
easy to damage one's system.  Unless you are participating in the
development and maintenance of the C library, you should use a binary
distribution instead.  The code in this release has already been built
and tested by maintainers of binary distributions basing their systems
on it.  If you are not already using a system based on the version 2.4
ABI, then you may wreak havoc by attempting to install this version.

We recommend using GCC 4.1 to build this version of the GNU C Library.
For the S/390 and 32-bit PowerPC architectures, GCC 4.1 is required.
For other architectures, GCC 3.4 or later will work but 4.0 and 4.1 are better.

The following files are available:

7e9a88dcd41fbc53801dbe5bdacaf245  glibc-2.4.tar.bz2		(15M)
e2d892b40d654c523ab26a26b7dd86a1  glibc-libidn-2.4.tar.bz2	(100K)
7bb1b35654e94994925e66676acabd4e  glibc-ports-2.4.tar.bz2	(373K)
e262cc1dbf25533617346b1a02913de4  glibc-2.4.tar.gz		(20M)
8c6fffec7a408d6e53ae2cd75a2cd603  glibc-libidn-2.4.tar.gz	(124K)
40fa7d7e8417a8ae4051dff156c3bbbb  glibc-ports-2.4.tar.gz	(535K)

This release like all others was made possible by the contributions of many
people.  We are very grateful to all of them, and chief among those are:

	Ulrich Drepper
	Jakub Jelinek
	Paul Eggert
	H.J. Lu
	Steven Munroe
	Andreas Jaeger
	Thorsten Kukuk
	Richard Henderson
	Daniel Jacobowitz
	Andreas Schwab
	GOTO Masanori
	Kaz Kojima
	Alan Modra
	Thomas Schwinge
	David S. Miller
	Alfred M. Szmidt
	Joseph S. Myers
	Paolo Bonzini
	Alexandre Oliva
	Martin Schwidefsky

Roland McGrath for the GNU C Library Developers
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