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Problems with a transliteration module.

Hello All,

I recently tried to write a gconv transliteration module. I have a module that probably works, but I'm having trouble persuading glibc to call it. I'm trying to write a transliteration function that will make a good effort to produce an ASCII equivalent form of arbitrary unicode text (although I tend to draw the line at non-latin alphabets).

Anyway, there seems to be two problems in __gconv_translit_find() in iconv/gconv_trans.c.

The first problem is that it looks as though the ".so" is appended to the shared library name after the terminating NUL :-) I can work around that easily enough with a suitable symlink, but I can't work around the second problem.

__gconv_translit_find() calls open_translit() and correclty calls gconv_trans_context() to find the character set names. That's fine. As, apparently, is the code to store information about the new transliteration function in search_tree. Alas, it doesn't copy it into __gconv_translit_find()'s trans parameter so the gconv_trans() function never gets called and the transliteration doesn't work.

I looked at what looks like the latest snaphot (2005-12-09) and the code is unchanged. Interestingly, there are two old bug reports for this same function (in the mailing lists, can't find anything in bugzilla) that must either arise from code inspection or someone havinjchg a working transliteration module at some stage.

Is this a known bug? Does anyone apart from me care? Would you be interested in patch (assuming I get the time)?


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