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Piecemeal library loading causes slow startup of big apps


as my google SoC project I have been working on improving GNOME startup time, and I see that dynamic linking is one of the culprits.

GNOME startup is mainly I/O bound, i.e. most of the time is spent waiting for disk seeks. Proof-of-concept work I have done has reduced the disk seeks caused by GNOME itself, but now I have reached the point that most of the disk seeks are caused by loading dynamic libraries.

This is because libraries are not loaded immediately in one big sequential read, but in bits and pieces. (I think this is because mmap()s the library and only page faults the bits it needs into RAM.) For example, gtk+ (~9MB) is loaded piecemeal in about 30 separate out-of order reads:

(gdm-binary/3150): /usr/local/gnome/lib/ 0-7
(gdm-binary/3150): /usr/local/gnome/lib/ 687-718
(gdm-binary/3150): /usr/local/gnome/lib/ 653-684
(gdm-binary/3150): /usr/local/gnome/lib/ 34-65
(gdm-binary/3150): /usr/local/gnome/lib/ 8-33
(battstat-applet/4143): /usr/local/gnome/lib/ 447-475

These are real disk reads traced by hooking into the ext3 block read function using a kernel patch. The format is:
(process/pid): filename start_4k_block-end_4k_block

This way of loading libraries visibly hurts performance. If I cat the most frequently-used libraries to /dev/null early in the startup process, I can shave about 10% (~2s) off startup time: reading the libraries puts them in the buffer cache, and when the linker mmaps them it doesn't end up causing seeks. This is obviously a hack, but I think the process could be made a lot smarter than this.

For example, would LD_BIND_NOW help me (I suspect not)? Is there a compile-time hint that can tell the linker load the whole library using read() instead of mmap()? If not, could it be implemented?

Regards, Lorenzo

P.S. Of course, this analysis was done on GNOME, but it's probably a problem common to many large apps that people actually use, like firefox and openoffice.

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