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Does syslog have an internal buffer?


I try to improve my linux boot scripts and I try create a program allowing to log any important message about boot process - but some of these messages occur before syslogd is started. As I can not check each boot, I would like to have the information stored in a log file which I can check, eg. once a week.

I would like to ask you, if a syslog (in glibc library) has an internal buffer for a case that syslogd is not running. What does glibc, if it can not connect syslogd? (I found somewhere that the message is printed to console, but in my case it means that it is lost forever :-(( ).

What do you thing about an idea that syslog in glibc has a internal circular buffer of several kB of size; whenever the connection to syslogd was not successful the message would be stored into the buffer. If the connection is successful, whole buffer would be send to syslogd.
Moreover it might be useful when syslogd crashes (although I do not suppose it :-)) or is restarted.

Thank you very much for your answers.

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