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Re: kernel 2.6 with powepc64 problems

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola wrote on 03/31/2004 01:13:58 PM:

> On Thursday 25 March 2004 17:38, Steve Munroe wrote:
> > I am not sure how start.S includes linux/posix_types.h. It is not 
> > included. Perhaps the kernel headers are missing #ifdef __KERNEL__ 
> > again. Need to see the -E -dD output to know.
> attached.
> > Did you run make -ARCH=ppc64 oldconfig on your kernel before 
> > the headers?
> Yes. I did:
> make ARCH=ppc64 mrproper
> make ARCH=ppc64 defconfig
> make ARCH=ppc64 oldconfig
> make ARCH=ppc64 include/asm
> make ARCH=ppc64 include/linux/version.h
> > Todays glibc builds fine for me. I suspect a configure or kernel 
> > problem.
> The build finishes without problems if using headers from kernel 2.4.24.
> The configure script was called with
> ../libc/configure --host=powerpc64-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr 

Try adding --target=powerpc64-linux-gnu

> --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --without-tls --without-__thread 
> --enable-kernel=2.4.3 --without-cvs --disable-profile --disable-debug 

This may be a problem, PPC64 is only supported on 2.4.19 or newer. It 
really should be 2.4.21 if you want every thing to work.

> --without-gd --enable-clocale=gnu --enable-add-ons=linuxthreads 
> --with-headers=/home/rafael/crosstool/powerpc64-linux-gnu/gcc-
> libc/powerpc64-linux-gnu/sys-root/usr/include
> except for the "--enable-add-ons=linuxthreads" options, the remaining 
are the 
> default options from crosstoll 0.27.

I don't use crosstool so you are on your own here.

I was able to build glibc using the 2.6.5 kernel headers but I also 
specified --enable-kernel=2.6.0. 

Steven J. Munroe
Linux on Power Toolchain Architect
IBM Corporation, Linux Technology Center

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