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Re: updated glibc webpages

Ian, thanks again for this fine work.  It is a contribution we have been
sorely needing for quite some time.

> On
>  History   
>     any features missed or miss placed in the list?

I think this stuff should be moved to a separate page.  It's not what
people need to see right off, it's an incidental interest really.
It certainly doesn't belong right at the top where it is now.

>  Supported Systems
>     - any missed?

This too should probably just refer to a separate page about status of
individual ports.

>  Who is who
>    - I think there should be more credits here (specifically
>      x86-64/ia64/powerpc)?

Probably the right thing here is just to link to the manual's Contributors
section, and make sure that is up to date.  This content is also something
noncritical that can go on another page with History.

> On
>    this taken from the old page, I have no idea if it is up to date or
>    correct.

This looks like it's hacked up from the Porting section of the manual.
We can remove that page and just use links to

>    This page was mostly written by me.

Getting sources and building are not really part of bug reporting.
I think you should just refer to another page talks about development,
which can contain this stuff.

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