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Re: Latest Glibc from CVS has segmentation problems.

   - the INSTALL document said to _report_ errors and omissions, which
   to me implies less than a patch. (Even just a "I don't understand
   X; please clarify the manual.") Ulrich's email (broadly) listed
   many differences between the current best practices and the INSTALL
   document and noted his unwillingness to take the time to put them
   into that document.

If you think that INSTALL document is lacking with regard to current
practises, send a patch for it.  Just don't bitch about it.  The
INSTALL document was just recently updated to reflect some small
change wrt the version of autoconf, so saying that it doesn't get
update, is just utter and complete crok to put it midly.

   - I've previously sent in a patch to the manual pages and been
   ignored.  (Which are clearly relevant to a broader base of users
   than the INSTALL document.) Maybe my patch was no good or I
   submitted it in the wrong way, but I'd at least taken the effort to
   prepare one. Without even knowing why it was ignored, I will never
   do so again, and I'm not about to suggest to anyone else that they
   waste their time in a similar way.

Resend it, patches may get forgotten for whatever reason.  I know from


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