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Re: Latest Glibc from CVS has segmentation problems.

   GNU libc is an FSF project.  Deliberately putting small organizations
   and individuals at a disadvantage to large corporations is counter to
   their entire philosophy, as I understand it.

Bull shit, somehow the GNU/Hurd project manages to maintain its
portion of having glibc working, and that amounts to about a handful
of people doing it in their own spare time.

   Maintaining a GNU package is a job.  Part of that job is making
   releases.  So the current GNU libc maintainer is clearly not doing
   his job.  Can we all at least agree on that?

No we cannot, since releases for GNU software are stable, making a
random release whenever someone asks for it does not make a stable
release.  Uli (and the rest of the crew) work hard at providing a
stable piece of software.

You obviously do not know what it takes to maintain something as big,
and critical as glibc.  And no, it is not like releasing a kernel as
you noted in some previous mail.  A kernel can be down graded at a
whim, or upgraded.  A broken C library will cause far more grief then
changing a single line in your boot loader.

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