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Re: Latest Glibc from CVS has segmentation problems.

At 07 Mar 2004 18:02:18 +0200,
Momchil Velikov wrote:
> >>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Brinkmann <> writes:
>     Marcus> So, the natural free software thing to do here would be to
>     Marcus> start a web site (not Ulrich, you!) that describes the
>     Marcus> glibc development and release process, what to do if you
>     Marcus> think you found a bug (and what not to do), how to compile
>     Marcus> and build glibc and in general to catch the newbies and
>     Marcus> help them.
>   That's a great idea.  I also propose a certification process, before
> one is allowed to post/read the almighty master's list.  Some kind of
> initiation rutual might prove useful too.

You sound frustrated.  Frustration usually happens because of
unfulfilled expectations.

WRT glibc, you are certainly allowed to post and read to libc-alpha.
In fact, you are doing it right now, without the slightest technical
contribution, and without negative consequences.

If you also think that anybody, and in particular glibc maintainers,
have any obligation to pay any attention to you, then that is an odd
idea.  Fact is that if you are doing a honest effort to make a
relevant and useful contribution, doors will magically open.

However, there is a steep road towards glibc.  A lot of information
that would set the expectations straight is not available.  If people
are interested in working on making such information available, I'd
certainly be glad to provide raw data to the effort.


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