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Re: Latest Glibc from CVS has segmentation problems.


I love the dripping sarcasm!

There are many many users that build and upgrade glibc separately from their 
distribution to test things, for compatibility reasons and simply because the 
distribution is sometimes slow in adopting or using new versions of glibc.

Can't we simply direct them to the nice web page you used to have (do you 
still?) that leads them through checking requirements and building their own 
glibc from source.  I seem to remember a web page devoted to that.

IMHO, we should NOT be discouraging any builders of glibc (not exactly open 
source friendly to tell people that glibc is for for money charging 
distributions only!) and instead figure out some way to relieve Ulrich of the 
need to "hold anyone's hand"  ... just imagine holding hands with someone as 
open and friendly as Ulrich!  ;-)


On Sunday 07 March 2004 09:24, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:
> Ulrich Drepper <> writes:
> > This is exactly why I don't want "random" people compile the code.
> > Let the distribution maker do the job.  They hopefully know the
> > magic which has to be applied.
> That is a really good point.  Maybe you should change the license on
> glibc to prohibit modification and redistribution of the source code
> except with your permission.  That way, you can ensure that only
> "distribution makers" compile it, saving yourself a lot of time.
>  - Pat

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