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Re: Latest Glibc from CVS has segmentation problems.

Ulrich Drepper wrote:

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Klaus Dittrich wrote:

I could not see your problem. But with glibc-cvs newer as 2004-03-04 I get
[csu subdir install] Segmentation fault.

You do not really run make install to overwrite the files in a life system, do you? Why should this work? Dammit, use a distribution glibc or at the very least build glibc the way it is done by them. Build a rpm package (or whatever is your poison) and use the specially constructed program which can update a life system.

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excerpt from glibc-cvs-2004-03-07/INSTALL

To install the library and its header files, and the Info files of
the manual, type `env LANGUAGE=C LC_ALL=C make install'. This will
build things, if necessary, before installing them; however, you should
still compile everything first. If you are installing glibc as your
primary C library, we recommend that you shut the system down to
single-user mode first, and reboot afterward. This minimizes the risk
of breaking things when the library changes out from underneath.

This is what I have done, with succcess, in the past. If this is not true anymore
the information should be updated. This may also save you some time you
otherwise spend in answering mail of 'random' people .

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