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Re: Spurious rebuild of Versions.v.i

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 01:53:34PM -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > I'm seeing a really strange build failure.  It's too intermittent for me to
> > reproduce with debugging.
> If you can handle the spew, you could try passing --debug=b to make all the
> time so we can examine the messages the next time it bites you.
> > Something causes Versions.v.i to be rebuild during processing of a
> > subdir; unfortunately, it happens during resolv.
> We should figure out and fix the spurious rebuild problem.  But you could
> have changed shlib-versions or whatever and then rebuilt in resolv and that
> should work right.  Setting CPPFLAGS globally in a subdir is highly
> questionable.  For resolv, I think that setting is really only needed for
> gethnamadr.c and so it should be CPPFLAGS-gethnamadr.c instead.

It looks to me as if it's some sort of nanosecond-timestamps problem. 
I'll run a couple of --debug=b builds to see if I can catch it in
action, but a frustrated evening chasing it down didn't turn up a
cause.  It's causing all sorts of bizarre errors; for instance it
caused pthread_create to be temporarily referenced as an external
symbol from, causing link failures in make check; five minutes
later was rebuilt and the error vanished.  It also caused to be relinked during make check, causing temporary failures
for tests running in parallel that tried to link to it.

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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