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Re: Change in employment

Toon Moene wrote:

Gov. Off.: What volunteer activities ?
Me: Church, GCC ...
Gov. Off.: GCC, what's that ?
Me: It's free software - let me show you the home page ...
Gov. Off.: Free ? So it's gratis ?
Me: No, Free stands for Freedom.
Gov. Off.: Oh, yes, I see; BTW, I see a lot of contributions from people who apparently are employed by corporations, some of which are even publicly traded - are you sure this is a volunteer activity ?
Me: Ummm, well, you see, ummm ...
Gov. Off.: Perhaps you should apply for a job in this sector. Until you can show us that's impossible, we assume you'll stop this activity.

Don't refer to it as a "volunteer activity". Call it "training" and "reputation building".

I.e. you're "tinkering with some code that is part of GNU/Linux" (mention Linux as they're likely to have heard of that) for the purposes "enhancing and practicing" your skills as well "participating in the tecnhnical community" with the hope this this will improve your "technical reputatation, name recognition, and set of contacts", all of which should improve the chance of getting a job and off the dole.
--Per Bothner

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