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Re: Correct default charset for et_EE locale

Taavi Valdlo wrote:

As the author of the EVS 8 new version I was asked to comment on behalf of Estonian Informatics Fund.

Subject: Correct default charset for et_EE locale?

Estonian locale for Estonia
(et_EE) in glibc.  This is the information I have available:

 % Estonian language locale for Estonia
 % according to EVS 8:1993

A current user of the et_EE locale claim that the default charset is wrong. It is ISO-8859-1 now, but he claim that it should be ISO-8859-15.

Do you agree with the reporter?  Please look at
<URL:>. for more info.

If you got information to add, please reply to this email
with copies to all the addresses.  I copy this email to the
Debian request tracking system, the submitter and the glibc
maintainer mailing list to let them know about the problem.

Yes, Meelis Roos is absolutely correct. As soon as ISO 8859-15 became official, Estonian locale data switched over to it. Solaris and the BSD family have already followed the suit. You seem to have the correct pointer to the recent standard web pages at Don't pay attention to the 'not official' tag, it is there to quieten my consciense. You may order the official printed version from the Estonian Standards Board, but it has exactly the same contents, only with a new title page.

The previous standard tried to mix ISO 8859-1 with
home-brewn and now obsolete methods to use s and z with
caron. Both characters are essential to Estonian, much
more so than in the closest related language, Finnish.
Still, if I'm not mistaken, the demand to use 8859-15
is now official in Finland too.

Curiously enough, the "Baltic" set of code pages has
never been official in Estonia and now that 8859-15 is
the standard, never will.

Institute of the Estonian Language

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