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Re: pthreads, fork+exec, and deadlocks

* Ulrich Drepper <> [030910 16:07]:
> Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
> > Digging finds mention of "async-signal-safe functions" in the POSIX docs
> > on
> > 
> > Is there a list of these functions for POSIX/glibc anywhere?
> There are no functions beside those required by the standard.

From: IEEE Std 1003.1, 2003 Edition
	A process shall be created with a single thread. If a
	multi-threaded process calls fork(), the new process shall
	contain a replica of the calling thread and its entire address
	space, possibly including the states of mutexes and other
	resources. Consequently, to avoid errors, the child process may
	only execute async-signal-safe operations until such time as one
	of the exec functions is called. [THR]   Fork handlers may be
	established by means of the pthread_atfork() function in order
	to maintain application invariants across fork() calls. 

I'm trying to find out what these "async-signal-safe" functions are.

I can't find any mention of this stuff in any of the manpages I have in
RH 8, or on othe opengroup's site...

Can I find these standards anywhere?

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