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Re: Trouble with gdbserver from gdb-5.3, glibc-2.3.2 on ppc32

> > I'm trying to bring up gdbserver2 on an ppc32 embedded linux platform, and
> What's gdbserver2?  I'll just quietly assume you mean gdbserver...

Duh.  I have two versions of gdbserver around, won back from gdb-41.7
that I went through massive pains to get to build , and a newer one
from gdb-5.3.

> Read the source of libthread_db?  No, really.  Then start another
> gdbserver debugging gdbserver, and step through td_ta_new.  It fetches
> the version.  This could be a symptom of symbol lookup being messed up,
> that's almost always the problem.  Versions of the library on host and
> target match?  GDB found the rght target libraries?

Uggh.  Ok, I'll try this method(and add code to td_ta_new to dump why
its tossing TD_VERSION).  I believe that the versions have to match
since I copy the librairs from the cross-compiled toolchain into the
target's /lib directory; how they can differ isn't obvious to me.

I would have thought that building up a toolchain using Dan's
crosstool script would get me what I want.  I read the description of
solib-absolute-prefix, but it doesn't shed much light on why the
*target* is complaining.  I don't see in the remote protocol how it
can ask for a particular library, so I'll dig depper and then get back
to the mailing list.

But back to my original(and probably stupid) question.  Is there any
way to extract information(using readelf, ldd, etc) to determine the
version of the cross-built and libraries?

Peter Barada

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