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Re: Random failures when calling free()/malloc()

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 19:54, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
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> Martin Schlemmer wrote:
> > I am/was using kernel 2.5.7*.  The gcc in use is latest 3.3 cvs, as well
> > as from the gcc-3_3-rhl-branch.  The binutils in use is latest
> > and
> I don't see any problem.  And problems which manifest itself in crashes
> in free or malloc are usually memory corruption.  So, you'll have to
> debug it yourslef since nobody else sees it and you should concentrate
> on the application code.

Maybe.  The machine however does build a full system from scratch,
pass a 24hour memtest86 burning, and like I did point out, it works fine
if I revert glibc to 2003-05-29.

Anyhow, Dan Kegel did suggest using valgrind to try and debug it
further ... I will get back if this shows anything.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.



Martin Schlemmer

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