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Re: Updating/adding locale for Ethiopia and Eritrea in GNU libc.


Thanks again for the clarification.  I have rewritten the locales to
to use copy-ing to exploit the reuse of common data to the maximum extent
I found possible.  I was delighted to find that in doing so the locales
become much, much easier to maintain.

I have locales ready for cvs here:

While they all build and work as expected they can still be enhanced.
There was one oddity that I never got over.  Once collation data is
defined in a given locale, another locale can only "copy" data from the
reference locale a single time.  At least this is the case when defining
a new script in the LC_COLLATE section.

Building "so_ET", for example, would generate the error:

  am_ET:61: duplicate definition of script `ETHIOPIC'

Though "ETHIOPIC" is defined only a single time in am_ET and am_ET
compiles without issue.  The work around was to use two reference
locales.  am_ET would then be "copied" in the LC_COLLATE section,
following sections would copy data from "ti_ET".

The locale package contains an "ideal-but-broken" directory where
only the single reference locale is used.  If anyone can find a way
to avoid the "duplicate definition" problem please inform me, I'd
rather work with a single reference locale.  Could this be a localedef
bug or am I really importing data incorrectly?

Also, is there any change the ETHIOPIC collation definitions could
be moved into "iso14651_t1"?  This might also avoid the above problem,
and other problems that stem from ethiopic collation being undefined
in locales of other regions.



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