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Re: Updating/adding locale for Ethiopia and Eritrea in GNU libc.

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Daniel Yacob wrote:

> Understood.  Just to be 100% clear, is it the preference that the
> transliteration data be in its own file or reside in a reference
> locale as per collation data?

The goal is to avoid duplication and to some extend unnecessary work.
If the information is unique for the locale and cannot be reused, put it
in the locale file itself.  No need to create additional files.  If the
information of an entire category is copied you can also have the info
in the locale file itself, and just use "copy" in another file.  This is
kind of wasteful if the parts of the locale description which are not
used are large.  In that case put the info in a separate file.

I won't object to any reasonable format, make some reasonable judgement
yourself.  You are more familiar with the locales.

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