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Re: patch: Add test for international currency formatting

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> The current formatting of international currency is broken.  Here is a
> test case demonstrating the current output.  My next step is to change
> stdlib/strfmon.c to produce the correct result, and update the test
> case to demonstrate it.

If you're looking at strfmon in general: there are, or were, cases where
left-justification ('-' flag) is handled improperly.  (Some Austin Group
drafts were unclear in the specification; I submitted reports of the
problem with the drafts and the specification was clarified to follow the
cleaner interpretation of Solaris rather than that of glibc.  I don't
think glibc has subsequently been fixed to follow the specification.  The
drafts used to say "all fields are left-justified" and this was fixed to
"the result of the conversion is left-justified", and it is now specified
that this flag is ignored unless a field width is specified.  Testcases in
the examples in the standard
<> and
in the original Austin Group comments

Joseph S. Myers

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